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The second version of the show aired in 2000 and featured famous guests including Leslie Nielsen and Kathleen Turner. The show ran from 1996 to 1999 on ITV and is loosely in the format of a beauty pageant but with male contestants.

An all-female audience voted for the winner via a series of elimination rounds – the losing contestants were be pushed into a swimming pool.

Not only has she gushed that she's met Mr Right - "I've found the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with" - she says Gareth is pretty romantic too.

The show ran from 1997-2002 on Channel 5 and is a Karaoke style show hosted by Madness front-man Suggs who is helped by ‘The Big Guy in the Sky’ – a disembodied voice giving the scores, and also by ‘Wolfie’ – John Ireland dressed as Mozart.

Two teams of celebrities went head to head in a boys verses girls singing contest, with quiz questions and interaction from the audience and the karaoke is solo as well as within the team.

“I’m happy just being in the factory with my shirt on.

He added, suggesting his bod wasn't in peak condition: “I’m just not into that whole sixpack thing.

"We really take the pee out of each other all the time," she told TV mag.

"I always catch him trying to sneak a dessert at work so I stare at him, trying to be the angel on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Faye, his is dating Pop Idol winner Gareth Gates, says she is eager to start a family.

The show was commissioned following Conley’s last successful comedy series, .

The show is a mix of comedy, music, sketches, and variety acts.

Pop the Monkey tallied up the scores, while Will Mellor and Sarah Cawood got the crowd going during the celebrities’ karaoke attempts. The show first broadcast on BBC One in 1979, hosted by Terry Wogan and later Les Dawson; but in 1997, on BBC, Lily Savage (played by Paul O’Grady) fronted a revival. Two contestants competed and the object of the game was to match the answers of as many of the six celebrity panellists as possible on fill-in-the-blank statements.

Frequently, the statements were written with comedic, double entendre answers in mind.

When Shayne Ward revealed that he wouldn't be taking his shirt of for the foreseeable future, the world went into freefall.