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Being from a different country (I'm Canadian, eh), I decided to hold in my 36C tits, and added some black thigh high stockings (because they always made my white legs look much better) and five inch stilettos (although I wasn't sure the nylons were a great idea, since it was 100 degrees outside). "Oh, okay," I said, figuring I wouldn't get past more than a couple of Obstacles anyway, but I was excited at the thought that if I did finish, I was guaranteed at least five grand extra. "I plan to," I replied playfully, pinching her nipples before I walked up to the door. There were people watching from rows of benches in a stadium... I froze like a popsicle, even though it was hotter than hell. The announcer's voice and the way he made each and every word ring throughout the stadium was larger than life. Truth be told, when I was in high school, cucumbers were my best friend: big, thick, solid, a soothing room temperature or straight from the fridge for an extra kick, and they don't cheat.

I looked super-hot and way different from my usual conservative girl next door look. I paused at the door and took one deep breath before I pushed through it and stepped outside. "And now our final contestant is Emily Haverstock, who is our only contestant from outside of the United States. Barry, you think I'm a prude, but I'll show you what you're missing out on, you piece of dog shit," I said, looking directly into a camera with adrenaline coursing through my very being. " Again a huge roar from the crowd which only enhanced my excitement. He then clarified, "No, you have to hold it between those lovely tits while completing this small Obstacle." The massive curtain that had been concealing the adventure before me was raised, and it was my turn to gasp. Although I'd always been prim and proper on the outside, my secret fantasies were always wilder.

" I asked, lifting up my skimpy dress enough for him to see my newly shaved cunt (I'd gotten my first ever Brazilian... I cupped my generous boobs, offering them to the audience, "It's just too hot out here." The crowd went wild again... You have 60 seconds to finish this first task." and then the countdown began. I almost fell once, but had the cucumber wedged firmly between my tits in case I did.

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completely unaware how big this event was or how many people would be watching my sudden act of spontaneity. "Well, I promise that you'll be seeing a lot of bigger dicks today," he promised. I smiled, giving his big hard cock one last firm squeeze, "I'll see at the finish line." "I hope so," he chuckled, not using his mic, just a one-on-one proposition. so unlike the perfect lady I was perceived as by everyone. "Before we send you to Obstacle One, do you want to make an easy fifty bucks? "Alas alack, I can't do that," I sighed dramatically like the heroine in a melodrama, covering my upper and lower privates as if suddenly shy. I then quipped, "You can get a better taste directly from the source, but you'll have to wait until I win." He took them out, tossed them generously into the audience and trothed, "I think I love you." "I've heard before," I bantered back, before asking, "What's the first obstacle? " "I'll return them to you at the end," he promised, as he bent down to pick them up. However, if you choose wrong, you'll be disappointed! you are automatically disqualified if you have an orgasm at any time during the competition." " help me all you can? "It's a guarantee," he said, giving me a look like I was the frosting on a cake he wanted to devour whole. " I asked, standing before him and everyone else naked, not trying to hide anything, and very proud of my nudity. I was still incredibly flexible and could get myself into some wicked positions.

A girl in a transparent body stocking asked me, "Are you ready? "Walk through that door to begin the game," she said, looking no older than nineteen, utterly drop dead beautiful, and almost as slutty as I did. "After you communicate with them, will I be fucking you or the heels? But for now, anything else you want to do while you're down there? "I got my first Brazilian especially for today." He stared at my pussy, licked his lips and shook his head, "You ex is an idiot." As he stood up, I grabbed his package again and added, "I expect this to be at the finish line too." "Little Matt will be there with bells on, or tassels or something," he nodded, before adding, "I love the nylons, you're the only contestant to wear them today." "I like the way they accentuate my legs," I said, sexily posing for him and the audience, "and the way they make me ." The crowd went wild. Then living again in the moment, I did the most impulsive thing I'd ever done (of course everything I was about to do in this entire competition would almost certainly be the wildest thing ever as the Obstacles got crazier and crazier, so everything else was flourishes), so with a , I pulled my dress off, leaving me totally naked except for my thigh high nylons. "You heard her," he trumpeted to the audience, "she's ready to RUMBLE! I then launched myself down the four-foot drop to the trampoline, did a single bounce to stabilize my balance, then three arched-back somersaults to get to the other side, holding my tits in place the entire time to keep the cucumber between them.

She removed the cucumber from between my tits, placed my hands on her tits, and kissed me for about a quarter minute, her tongue massaging my tonsils.

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I purred, "Maybe later, studs," as I struck the buzzer with my palm and completed my first Obstacle.

A ridiculously hot, big breasted blonde came up to me.So I easily crossed that cakewalk, even doing a show-off spin partway across. Each with his cock already hard, each looking at me with lust, all their hands twitching in expectation. Briefly I imagined just saying and dropping to my knees to take all of those cocks in my mouth and wherever else, and make my gangbang fantasy come true.As I nimbly danced across the three rotating disks, I shook my bubble butt a bit to entertain the crowd... But then I recalled that time mattered and there was big money at stake, so I briskly walked the gauntlet, managing without the use of my arms to maintain my balance as the men grabbed my ass and tits.Summary: Cheated on bride-to-be competes in wild sex games. Note 2: Please note that some of my stories can be a bit extreme or out there...and of all my stories, this one may be one of the most fanciful and least believable... I hope you enjoy this over-the-top story as I mangle the concept of American Ninja Warrior.Helena Singles Dating in Sudan Singles Dating in Suriname Singles Dating in Swaziland Singles Dating in Sweden Singles Dating in Switzerland Singles Dating in Syria Singles Dating in Taiwan Singles Dating in Tajikistan Singles Dating in Tanzania Singles Dating in Thailand Singles Dating in Togo Singles Dating in Tokelau Singles Dating in Tonga Dating in Trinidad and Tobago Singles Dating in Tunisia Singles Dating in Turkey Singles Dating in Turkmenistan Singles Dating in Tuvalu Singles Dating in Uganda Singles Dating in Ukraine Dating in United Arab Emirates Singles Dating in United Kingdom Singles Dating in USA Singles Dating in Uruguay Singles Dating in Uzbekistan Singles Dating in Vanuatu Singles Dating in Vatican Singles Dating in Venezuela Singles Dating in Viet Nam Singles Dating in Virgin Islands Singles Dating in Western Sahara Singles Dating in Yeman Singles Dating in Yugoslavia Singles Dating in Zaire Singles Dating in Zambia Singles Dating in Zimbabwe Find beautiful woman for dating girl for romance bride for marriage. International singles for dating love romance marriage.