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They may be influenced by where their friends are sitting, or may position themselves at the back in case they decide to bail on the talk halfway through.

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There are a couple of great sketching apps for that device (we use Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app for many of the feature images on this site), but none of them give me the flexibility and ability to see the big picture that I need when sketchnoting. Perhaps this is obvious, but if there’s a conference coming up and you’re thinking about sketchnoting some of the sessions, why not get some practice in beforehand?

We live in an amazing age, where presentations on sites like Coursera and are available online for free.

Here are a few tips for capturing key points from the talk.

Most people attending a conference presentation don’t really care where they sit—as long as they’re able to see the projector and the presenter’s face.

Instead of watching yet another Big Bang Theory, plug your laptop into the big screen TV, load up some inspiring presentations, and get sketching!

It’s useful to have a cache of objects in your repertoire, ready to pull out as needed.

In particular, if you attend tech conferences, there are certain words that will crop up time and again (think “ship”, “cloud”, “user”, “link”).

Practice visual representations of these words in advance, so you don’t get flustered trying to draw them for the first time in the middle of a talk.

The sketchnotes I created for the recent UX Australia and Swipe conferences have generated a lot of interest, and I’ve received a number of questions via email and Twitter about how I go about creating them.