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He did so in two books, the Tao Ching, with 37 verses, and the Te Ching with 42 verses (Mac Kintosh, 1971).

In book two he says Do good to him who has done you injury, which was also said by the contemporary Tamil Siddha, Tiruvalluvar in his Tirukkural (Tiruvalluvar, 1968).

At the end of his mission to China, about 400 BC, Bhoganāthar, with his disciple Yu (whom he also gave the Indian name Pulipani) and other close disciples, left China by the land route.

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He attained the immortal state of swarūpa samādhi at the ago of 315, and then made China the center of his teaching activities.

Meanwhile, Bhoganāthar practiced Kundalini Yoga in four stages.

or Bhogar, the Jāna Guru of Babaji, in the poem Bhogar Jāna Sagarama (Bhogars Oceanic Life Story, consisting of 557 verses, verse number 2, lines number 3 and 4), identifies himself as a Tamilian, (Ramaiah, 1979; 1982. There are nine important shrines associated with this tradition, five of which are in the Himālaya Mountains: Amarnāth (where Shiva first taught Kriya Yoga to his Shakti partner, Parvati Devi), Kedarnāth, Badrināth (India), Kailāsanāth, (Tibet) and Paśupatināth (Nepal).

He belonged to the ancient tradition of Nava (nine) Nāth sadhus (holy ascetics), tracing their tradition to Lord Shiva.

Bhoganāthar traveled by sea, following the trade route.

In China, he was instructed by Kālangi Nāthar in all aspects of the Siddha sciences.The first three stages arc described in a later chapter on The Psychophysiology of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama.Bhoganāthar chose the Palani Malai (mountain) in what is now southwestern Tamil Nadu as the site for intensive yogic practice (tapas) for the final stage.After Kālangi Nāthar entered into trance, Bhoganāthar assumed his teaching mission to the Chinese.To facilitate this, he transmigrated his vital body into the physical body of a deceased Chinese man, and thereafter went by the name Bo-Yang.The most resilient of known substances, granite, was known to wear and crack after thousands of such rituals.