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“Is this the kind of show that parents would sit down and watch with their children? Kroll smiled and said jokingly, “Steve, I’m going to leave that up to each and every individual parent.” Then he admitted, “It’s very dirty.” “Big Mouth” features graphic masturbation, nocturnal emissions, “puberty fairies,” a giant condom creature, and “aching pubes.” A personified masturbation pillow falls in love with its abuser and wants to be more than just a “fling.” Kroll got a lot of laughs with the line that his show “is kind of like the sex-ed video I wished I had gotten to see, but also, like, filthy.” Colbert told his audience that they had a clip to preview “Big Mouth,” but CBS told him it was “too vulgar to show.” The late night host said his staff censored it heavily, and yet CBS still said it was too vulgar to show.

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The series features star voices John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Kroll, Maya Rudolph, Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, and Kristen Wiig.

Most offensive to pro-family advocates is the cartoon literally showing the genitals of pre-adolescent children.

The clip was blurred and almost completely bleeped out.

“It’s so much better — and worse — that what you blurted out,” Kroll quipped back.

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Co-creator Nick Kroll visited the late night talk show Wednesday to promote his latest project, “Big Mouth.” The show is about adolescents awkwardly going through puberty and discovering the sexual world around them.

Colbert introduced Kroll with great fanfare and eventually asked about the show.

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As Life Site News reported, pro-family advocates say the show sexualizes children and is fantasy food for pedophiles.