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Therefore, our professional training program in our own international training centres ensures that clients receive the very best technical expertise.

Perimeter Protection has a globally operating partner-network and an own team of trained specialists.

We know that personal safety and privacy is very important to you, especially when dating, so we created powerful tools to protect you.

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When you do the maths, what this really means is that the ‘pool’ of potential partners for christian singles in Australians is just 8% of the population - it's no wonder it's so hard to find a match!This is the reason so many of Australia's Christians are heading online to find like-minded singles.Not only that, our Help Center provides information and videos about using the site and features in multiple languages. Our expert Bloggers have hundreds of articles about everything from how to perfect your profile to how to meet in person the first time.The Perimeter Protection Group is looking back at more than 65 years of experience in dealing with sensitive High Security projects all around the globe and corresponding documentation.Plus, there are no ads and we don’t ever sell or share your information with anyone, ever.

Leaving yourself open to follow the will of the Lord is easy when you use our Pay –As-You-Date options with no contracts or monthly obligations.Naturally, it makes a lot of sense; christian singles tend to share not only faith but also similar morals, values and lifestyle attributes.If you, too, would prefer to meet someone who shares your faith, it's perfectly normal if you're finding it difficult to get in touch with new Christian singles.Our portfolio includes internationally crash rated High Security products such as crash gates, wedge barriers, bollards, road blockers.We’re also experts in outdoor monitoring, boom barriers, turnstiles and type-tested quick folding gates, sliding gates and swing gates.In the words of Jenell Paris, social anthropologist at Messiah College; 'Christians should look online for dates because that's where the people are!