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What is not permissible in polite Jewish company is an allusion to the decisions people make about their own family lives, or to the impact of those decisions on the ability of the Jewish community to sustain itself.

Until it is confronted, there is little prospect of accomplishing anything beyond hand-wringing.Demographic Vitality How many Jews are there in the United States? Indeed, the very process of counting has become wrapped in controversy.Over one million dollars of Davis’ campaign funding arrived just in the nick of time from New York City only thirty days before the primary.Hilliard said that most of the money came from AIPAC.But more significantly, his opponent in the next election would be flooded with political donations and an advertising campaign that would either smear him — labeling the ‘offender’ a supporter of terrorism — or dredging up something ’scandalous’ from his past.

It happened to Alabama Congressman Earl Hilliard in 2002, a five-term incumbent who refused to sign an AIPAC-written House Resolution, a “pledge of allegiance” to the state of Israel.By the year 2006, according to a policy institute in Israel, the American Jewish community, hitherto the world's largest, will for the first time fall behind the Jewish community of Israel in size. Last spring saw a series of private meetings, including one called by the president of the state of Israel, to discuss the demographic situation and what to do about it.Thus far, the result has been much hand-wringing and little action.with an on-file active “profile” of Senators and Congressmen including their voting statistics and their chief opponents.AIPAC then advises their huge Jewish constituency which candidates to support and donate money to.I said, No, man, that guy doesn’t have that kind of money. AIPAC was introducing him at a fundraiser for him in Washington. The ads shifted between my Middle East stands and my domestic views.