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An investigation showed Praveen Kharb, a native of India who was living in Bellevue, Wash., when the alleged crime took place, spent months communicating with the girl.

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Many were forwarded on to friends or posted on social media sites both locally and around the country.

In all, hundreds of photos snaked their way through the school; some wound up in the hands of people several states away, police said.

Weaver, 51, of Cedarburg, not only collected sexually explicit images, he allegedly tricked teens into believing he was a young girl named "Sara." Once befriended by "Sara," the teens were persuaded to perform sex acts in front of webcams — alone, with friends and — most disturbingly — with dogs — while Weaver secretly recorded them, according to the federal complaint.

Once recorded, the video sessions were uploaded to file-sharing servers, where they were traded worldwide.

Nationwide, nearly 40 percent of students said they had either sent or received a sexually explicit image of themselves, according to a 2014 survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, nearly double the rate of similar studies performed five years earlier.

Many students surveyed did not know that any sexually explicit image of a child age 17 or younger is considered child pornography."We stopped, because what was really clear to us was that we had a problem."The situation in Rhinelander is not uncommon in Wisconsin.Many teens send sexually explicit photos on their cellphones believing the image will stay private, police and prosecutors say.When those images wind up in the hands of the wrong people, the consequences can be disastrous.At least 100 children from across the country fell into David Weaver's trap, police say.It was just something they did, something they thought everybody did," Hook said.