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No matter what your stance are on, homosexuality, same sex marriage, there is no way the gay community share any blame for this lunatic.. But everybody that is looking for attention comes up with something silly like this or I Evan heard a rabbi say this came because we watch video and were on the internet).

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Do some of you realize how much this turns jewish people and youth away from judiasm, because of awful comments like this?

This is a hijacking of judiasm and a complete insult to our beautiful religion.

This is about having the chutzpah to speak for Hashem, without being briefed in the Ohel Moed first. This is what we want the world to think of those who believe, despite unexplainable tragedies, in Hashem and his Torah? And other wackos are either stupid enough, or evil enough, to think that they, and they alone, know the ratzon Hashem?

How dare he use this innocent boys untimely and gruesome death as a platform for anti-gay marriage. Hashem, rachum v'chanun takes an 8 year old boy because of laws passed by a majority of goyim? Maybe we should be looking at ourselves and asking why we don't give sick people the medical help they need--both the murderer and Levin Effect: Holy Jewish child barbarically killed.

We dont know why this child was taken from us in such a way, but I find it abhorent to equate the two. Cause: Boro Park Jews didn't protest secular law allowing gay marriage.

Only a twisted sicko would use such a tragedy to advance his personal agenda.

he is a fool an idiot and anybody who agrees really needs meds. It's starting to sound like everybody and their grandmother is trying to cash in on poor little Leiby...

I think it was because the mets traded k-rod I find it interesting right after he was traded this because two things happen in a close time span does not mean it was a cause and effect. What kind of Tzushtel is it to compare drunk driving after a chasunah causing a car accident to legalized gay marriage causing the actions of this rotzeach. We can hold Hakodosh Boruch Hu responsible for the all the bad and sad things that happened to yidden. So too, we can hold Hakodosh Buruch Hu reponsible for the terrible tradgedy that happened to Leiby and his family.... For the life of me I cannot see how this rabbi can connect these two things. It is the same as saying the earthquake in Haiti was caused by someone not giving tzedakah in New York.

Rabbi Levin, did Hashem actually appear to you and tell you? He would NEVER have taken an innocent child from a frum family to punish the perverts of Klal Yisroel, it has NO relevance whatsoever and he should be ashamed of himself for suggesting it.

Stop with the non sense and don't make Hashem look bad.

Are you people seriously agreeing with this insensitive extremist?