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The media has exposed that she has an estimated net worth of millions.

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Later she dated Jonathan Ames a writer and an actor from 2007 but due to some misunderstanding they had breakup after three years of relationships in 2010.

She attended interview in June 2012 in which she revealed that she had briefly married a French Photographer several years earlier but she has not revealed any information about her husband so she attended interview for complicated reasons.

A new millennium loomed little more than three weeks away, and the last beats of a decade they embodied (and then transcended) were being played out.

You can see them sharing a limousine on the way to the premiere in a brief scene from That Moment, a 73-minute documentary tucked inside the second disc of the Magnolia DVD.

The ’90s weren’t just coming to a close; the era was about to collapse right on top of them.

Behavior that would’ve once made Paul and Fiona heroes — that did make them heroes, just a few years earlier — was now being pilloried in the media as so much ungrateful petulance. People still ask her about that speech at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards — heretofore known as the “This World Is Bullshit” Address — even if it now seems pretty innocuous if not just plainly obvious, akin to observing that watching Jersey Shore might in fact not be an intellectually rewarding exercise.

Fiona apple made her name recognizable all over the entertainment world with her multiple works.

She has achieved both fame and rewards from her career.

It reminds me a little of that part in Eat the Document where Dylan and Lennon spend several minutes trying to outsnark each other in the back of a car tooling around London.

Only Paul and Fiona aren’t as chatty; they’re just nervously sucking down cigarettes, trying to get their minds right before walking into the glare of what’s waiting for them outside.

A New York Times Magazine profile of Anderson timed with the release of Magnolia chided the director for his hyperactive protectiveness of his work and paranoia over corporate interference. Had Apple name-dropped Maya Angelou and acted spiteful about winning a cheap-looking trophy in 1992, she would have been applauded for being realer than an ill-conceived bass guitar toss to Krist Novoselic’s face.