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On her show, Doaa Salah discussed ways of becoming pregnant outside a conventional husband-and-wife relationship.

Set upon: Lara Logan was torn away from her film crew just moments after this picture was taken in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

She was subjected to a prolonged sexual assault by a terrifying mob of at least 200 men CBS immediately flew her back to the U. The channel posted guards outside her Washington home, where she hid herself away to recuperate along with her husband Joseph Burkett and their two young children.

Many of the detainees who suffered these abuses were accused of sympathy with or membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, which the government named a terrorist group in 2013 but has remained the country’s largest opposition movement.

Between August 2015 and August 2016, the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, an independent group, documented 912 victims of enforced disappearance, 52 of whom had not reappeared by the time the group issued its report.

Staff at Scorpion Prison beat inmates severely, isolate them in cramped “discipline” cells, cut off access to families and lawyers, and interfere with medical treatment, according to the 80-page report, “‘We Are in Tombs’: Abuses in Egypt’s Scorpion Prison.” The report documents cruel and inhuman treatment by officers of Egypt’s Interior Ministry that probably amounts to torture in some cases and violates basic international norms for the treatment of prisoners.

Officers of the National Security Agency routinely tortured and forcibly disappeared suspects with few consequences.In February, Egypt’s highest appeals court ordered a retrial for an officer originally sentenced to 15 years for shooting and killing political activist Shaimaa al-Sabbagh at a peaceful protest in January 2015, an incident that was photographed and videotaped.In October, the same court ordered a retrial for two officers who received five-year sentences for torturing lawyer Karim Hamdy to death in a police station in 2015.Just two months after the attack, Ms Logan has already vowed to return to Afghanistan and other conflict zones, but said she has decided she will not return to Middle Eastern countries while widespread protests are ongoing.Just days after an Egyptian lawyer advocated rape on Egyptian television, a female TV presenter has been jailed for three years after she appeared to cast single motherhood in a positive light.Mr al-Wahsh caused controversy last year after his televised debate over women's headwear with liberal Australian cleric Mostafa Rashid descended into violence.