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Is this instant attraction a barometer by which we could measure the likelihood that two people have met their future life partners? The vast majority of people who feel a strong connection from the outset end up breaking up a few months later.

That's because the "electricity" wears off, and when it does, many of these people realize that they don't have very much in common, nor do they share values or life goals.

Rosie & Sherry Thank you so much for responding to my last email.Everything you said rang true for me regarding my friend's situation.I'm sad to report that things with her took a turn for the worse. Early in their courtship he promised her a lot of things, like promising to pay for her tickets to come over to his country, and also to sponsor her post-grad education when she's ready.He told her he had a lot of money for them to start a life together and she shouldn't worry about anything.That's because they were fortunate enough to have compatible values, goals and personalities, and because these qualities enabled them to build depth to their relationship.

When the infatuation faded, they may not have even noticed because they had gradually built a close, trusting, emotionally intimate friendship that became the cornerstone of their marriage.When they do have conversations, the guy begs off after 10 minutes, saying he's too tired to talk.And whenever she tries to recall him to their plans for the future and all the stuff he'd said he'd do for her, he glosses over the subject by peppering her with endearments and switching to another topic.The second is for both of you to read the first few chapters of our book, "In The Beginning." It will help both of you to better understand the dynamics at play here, and decide whether you wish to continue the path toward marriage.We hope that our answer has been helpful, and wish you the best of luck.A couple that shares these qualities, as well as compatible goals and values, has the foundation for a great marriage.