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Birth at home means the family starts immediately; no separation.

At One to One, we provide up to 6 weeks of postnatal care.

For some women, this may be the safest place for both mother and baby, however, for the majority, having a baby is a normal part of a woman's life.

I love being a caseloading midwife it is a privileged job to support the whole family unit through pregnancy, birth and the post natal period.I hope that my passion for midwifery shines through.When we are comfortable and secure we produce oxytocin, known as the love hormone, the one that created the act of conception.When we're afraid we produce adrenaline, this decreases the oxytocin production and labour slows or stalls.This can lead to interventions in hospital, which in turn may lead to instrumental delivery or Caesarean Section.

Giving birth is the relaxation of a sphincter; we don't open other sphincters such as voiding or opening our bowels, in public. Best taken place in private, with known caregivers , who will be present but unobtrusive.

We have been providing free maternity care in the area since 2013 and our Pregnancy Advice Centre has been open since February 2015.

Our midwives visit women and their families in the community and we have a location in central Warrington, which provides a hub for the midwives, clinics and community groups.

Many women change their minds about the place of birth as their pregnancy progresses, and that's fine, but it isn't a requirement of booking with One to One.

If you choose to birth in hospital, your midwife will do a home assessment when you feel you have gone into labour, to check your progress.

At One to One, we want to ensure that your pregnancy, birth and post-natal experience is satisfying and empowering.