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We must stand together to ensure no other people(s) have to endure the barbarism and insanity of a world gone mad. One time the German soldiers were bring in a pot of so called soup.

Pray to the Father to give us the strength to speak up and stand as one: never to shield our eyes from the truth. My father thinks it was the left over of the German soldier's meal dump in a pot with water.

this is is sick how far some people would go for people we don't like how can u be like that? and this still goes on today how can people be so selfish? coursework and although this has helped me, it's really disturbed me and made me wonder why the hell did they do that? My father who was not a Jew but a French Catholic soldier was send to a camp in Germany as a prisonor of war he is since death so I do not know the camp's name.

As soon as they disembarked the trains, they were divided up – women to one side, men to the other. There were over 100 of these medical monsters, including some of the finest doctors from the finest German hospitals. All had sworn a medical oath to uphold medical ethics and to assist humanity. If the decision was "death," then within two or three hours the person’s ashes went up the chimney.The alternative – "life" – was actually "slow death." Those Jews who were strong enough did not go to their immediate death, but instead to labor camps to serve as slaves for the German "masters." Always it was under the most inhumane conditions.Now that she has passed, I wanted to find more so I can share stories with my children so we never forget the hardship and sacrifices they made. Watch out for Islamic extremists trying to replicate Hitler on Christains and Jews. i dont understand how anyone culd ever even think about doing to this to anyone.She never applied for any benefits from Germany after the war. Most of us visited this site for school because we are learning about this. im doing a project for my 10th grade english class and this site has helped a lot.I am not sure whether there is an archive or listing of prisoners available or if the Germans collected this information at that time. How on earth could people watch while part of humanity is exterminated. Most of the time we learn of the bad things, the deadly things, and the worst things in history but this is definitely the worst. ive learned things that i wuldnt want to noe but draw me in.

Possibly, these were documented and maybe now in electronic form. Im doing a school project, and my goal is to make people truly look at what happened and feel something. This made me realize that the Holocaust was more than just a mass killing, it was a time of desperation and sadness!!! To the survivors and fallen warriors you will NEVER be forgotten! i read about the experiments yeasterday and i cryed because of what the germans did to all those innocent people. i will deffinattly use this site just to learn about this.

When the Germans saw the mens expression they laughed so hard they were rolling on the floor.

One of the prisoner's took the trud out and they ate the soup.

Sometimes they would find a cigaette bud and pieces of bread.

Well one day they brought a pot for the prisoners and when they looked inside there was a turd of a dog.

The Holocaust was a terrible thing and should never have happend, i wrote about my great grandparents Paul and Sophie awhile ago but after doing more research i'm not sure if they were accually in the holocaust but i still stand by what i said that the holocaust is a horrible and tragic part of history that should have never happened and I cannot believe that humans could do this to other human beings. My father got sick and thought with the Geneva convention that he would be treated fairly, but sneaking in he found a fellow soldier who they were experiencing on him. His friend told him get the hell out of here or he will end up like this. Pushing someone off a wall was NOTHING in comparison to how they tortured jews and non jews alike. As the Shoah generation passes, the memory and stories fade.