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We bump into her friend Alvin Cailan, the chef/proprietor of the massively popular Eggslut and Ramen Champ.He's slinging jars of luxurious coddled eggs topped with caviar.More and more gay, lesbian and bisexual actors, and TV and media personalities, don’t want to be associated with the often laughable and torturous subterfuge of it.”“Maybe this is the dawn of a new era, where stars forego the traditional “coming out” ritual for more subtle, roundabout affirmations of homosexual affiliation, and maybe this new era is one in which these kinds of announcements really aren’t a big deal anymore.” It’s been a busy few weeks for this topic, with Queen Latifah obliquely referring to the Long Island Pride audience as “her people” at her much-hyped appearance there, Raven-Symoné confirming-by-not-confirming rumors of her relationship with AZMarie, and both Joanna Johnson and Jim Parsons coming out publicly although they both say their sexual orientation was well-known within the business.

Stefan got lucky with a lobster dish, Carla successfully poached escolar in oil, and Leah pouted and got things wrong.But in the end it was Jamie Lauren, the last remaining member of Team Rainbow, who was given the boot for making her celery too salty. I knew that I screwed up and I might be going home. I was at work last night and I came home and didn’t really feel like watching it. One of the things you said in the show was that you found Eric Ripert’s food somewhat uninspiring. What was the highlight of this experience for you — if you had to pick one thing, one dish, one moment?The ' Top Chef' finale on Bravo got us thinking about lady chef's. The reality cooking competition is usually a sausage party and we're not talking about the dishes that are served up but the contestants. Blonde, tattooed and always sporting shiny lips during her on-camera interviews, Jamie's natural beauty and ability to serve up unique dishes had us hooked.

Not to mention she dates/doesn't date a cheese steak king.

, also owns restaurants in the San Francisco and Houston airports and has four kids with her partner, Jennifer.

Jennifer birthed Zoran, Caje and Thatcher, and Cat birthed Nash.

We've rounded up the top 10 hottest Top Chefs of the female persuasion, with an honorable mention being awarded to host Padma Lakshmi, who is a MILF and the hottest of them all, bringing heat to the kitchen before a burner is ever turned on.

Too bad she's not interested in dudes, as she is an out lesbian. Often regarded as the hottest female Top Chef contestant ever, Casey actually could cook.

It's mostly men competing in the cooking wars, with only one woman (Stephanie Izzard) actually taking the crown and earning the title of ' Top Chef.' So clearly, a woman's place is not always in the kitchen.