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Would've been cool if ASV included a cover but oh well.

Feels very sturdy, works like it should, and I'm sure it will stand up to years of (ab)use.

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• Responsible for using components and parts to produce products.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: • Performs a variety of medical assembly and processing tasks as a production team member in a clean-room environment.

POPULATION GROWTHLincoln County City of Troy1980 22,193 2,6241990 28,892 3,8112000 38,944 6,7372010 52,566 10,5402016 Est.

56,000 12,500 % Change 34.98% Land Area – Square Miles 630.49 2000 Per Square Mile 61 2010 Per Square Mile 83.4 Persons Under Age 5 7.4% Persons Under Age 18 27.3% Persons Over Age 65 10.4% Female Persons 50.3% White Persons 95% Black Persons 1.9% American Indian/Alaska Native 0.3% Asian Persons 0.4% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 0.0% White Persons, Not Hispanic 93.9% Language Other Than English at Home Over Age 5 (2005-09) 2.2% LINCOLN COUNTY ASSESSED VALUATION 1985: 6,211,572.00 1994: 0,980,528.00 2004: 0,312,441.00 2014: 9,361,122.00 – Founded in 1819, the City of Troy serves as the Lincoln County seat.– The City of Troy is a Missouri 4th Class City– Lincoln County is a Missouri 2nd Class County– Lincoln County is part of the St. – Lincoln County holds the Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zone designation providing property tax abatements for new investment/expansion projects.

Look to the far left top and you will see the selections. There might be a few missing or a few overlaps with late 2016 but you can also write in titles in the comments section.

Replaced the stock lever perfectly and I even fit the stock dust cover back over it without any problem.

Troy Manor offers activities at their location for residents.