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The bathroom although it has granite tiles has a cheap ass jacuzzi that is well worn. d Amsterdam This place looks straight out of France and the prices might be as well starting at 2600 up to 6000 baht the place is brilliant and the girls are gorgeous!

This is one of my must see recommendations for a but most though I don't like the place because they charge Farang an extra 1000 baht just for the services yet they still have some of the best girls in the businesses.

It's still possible to catch something though so use these services at your own risk.

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I didn't list them all here though because well I doubt there is one person out there that has actually been to them all so I've listed the ones you ought to try, the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok.

One thing about many of the Soapy massages parlors in Bangkok is many of them charge Farang extra and it doesn't matter how you arrive it's just their policy some places adding another 1000 baht to the bill for example one of the most popular soapies in Bangkok Poseidon clearly state on their menu that an additional 1000 baht charge is added making their cheapest girl 3000 baht!

One final note about Soapy Massage parlours in Bangkok and Thailand in General is you have to think about how many guys go to these places and all the guys arn't like you and I some are real freaks, some guys have some nasty diseases and some guys force the girls to not wear a condom!

Make sure you protect yourself by wearing a condom and not going down on the girl.

Pronouced Lee Lah Wadee also the name of a famous Thai Soap Opera they actually have Karaoke available here as well.

Honestly the girls are a little country here but if you like that then this is your place!

Why because they have the hottest girls of any place in Bangkok.

This place is also Farang friendly and should be no surcharge.

Here you can find girls and women online dating age from 18 to over 50 years old.