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I remind myself of past occasions when I permitted my children to work out their own solutions and how well they did without my interference.

Sometimes it is only fear that spurs me to action: fear that without my help they will be incapable of solving their problems, fear that they will make things even worse, fear that they may ruin their lives, fear...they no longer need me! Families Anonymous offers free help and free weekly meetings close to your home!

FA is a national organization focused on the fellowship of adults whose lives have been affected by a loved one's drinking or drugging.

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Typically, newcomers are looking for new ways to change someone else.At FA meetings we begin to see the importance of looking at our own role in the drama.The group's purpose is to provide mutual support, and to offer a safe place to share experiences and concerns.Attending meetings helps members adopt an honest and consistent approach towards the addict.FA is also not for the person with the addiction issue.

There are numerous other 12-step meetings that are better suited to assist those with addition issues.When I allow fear and insecurity to dominate my thinking, I become an obstacle to my own growth and the growth of my children. Families Anonymous is a FREE twelve-step program for those adults concerned about drug abuse and related behavioral problems of a relative or friend.My Higher Power really does guide others as well as me. There are many 12-Step and other programs such as AA, Al Anon, Ala Teen, NA., Tough Love, etc.FA is designed to get the spotlight off the abuser and put it on ourselves.Whenever I imagine that my children need the help that only I can give to save them from an unfortunate situation, I have to stop.We have learned that drug abuse, drug dependence, or addiction is a matter of illness, not a moral issue.